Ever Faced Problem Due to Fake Currency?

We faced the same problem time and again. Ignoring it was, never the solution. We took a step to protect people and their business from counterfeit currency. World class technology and patented product are our strength in the process. Lets not get fooled again.

‘Fake Currency notes’ are growing as a serious problem for developed as well as developing nation. Mainly developing countries like Nepal encounter such problem frequently. Our company, ‘Sumi Traders’ started searching for the best, effective and efficient solution for this problem. After visiting various countries and consulting various experts, we found, many developed countries are taking help of modern technology for that.

After knowing about the technology and its support for the multiple international currencies, we started research on it application on Nepal and Nepali Currency. We performed various test and after few updated on the machine we were able to use it effectively for the detection of fake Nepali currency and count Nepali currency as well.

As per our research, in most of the case, fake notes are kept in-between the bundle of original notes, which makes it very difficult to detect in normal condition. To support banks, co-operatives, hospitals, hardwares, money changers, tradings and other probable places for transaction of fake currency, we present you the money counting machine, which is able to detect and warn for fake currency. Beside that, machines are also capable of counting total amount and many more.

We are aware of the need of this machine in various places, thus we have various models with various features and price ranges which may fit the requirement of wide variety of consumers. We also ensure you about the quality of the machines and provide 2-years of replacement guarantee. Sales Agents and service person are also available throughout the cities all around Nepal to provide quality services throughout the year.